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Sendings e-mails to a specific customer segment

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In the area of guest management, various filters are available to define the individual guests according to different groups. With the help of these filters, you can send specific e-mails (reminders, thank you notes etc.) quickly and directly to selected customers.

We would like to explain this function to you in more detail with the help of a few examples.

E-Mail to all guests, which are deposited with an e-mail address

The basic requirement for sending an e-mail to our guests is of course an existing e-mail address.

With the help of this filter we can record all guests we can contact by e-mail.

There are no prefabricated filters for the E-MAIL sector. To display all guests for whom the column E-MAIL is not empty, we use an exclamation mark "!" as a filter.

E-mail to all VIP guests

If available, we select "VIP" from the "CATEGORY" filter. Now we are automatically shown only all guests with the status "VIP".

E-mail to all guests without feedback

For example, to send a "reminder" to all guests who have not yet responded.

Here we select "Without feedback" from the filter area "STATUS" to get at a glance all guests without feedback.

E-mail to all guests who attended the event

For example, to send a thank you note to all participating guests.

There are also no ready-made filters for the "CHECK-INS" area. Here we simply use ">0" to display all guests whose "CHECK-INS" are greater than zero.

Combination of several filters

Depending on which guests we want to identify, we can also apply several filters at the same time!

In our example we want to send a reminder e-mail to all VIP guests without feedback.

The following applies equally to all filter options: Once we have set the desired filters and "identified" the guests, all we have to do is activate the checkbox (top left) and click on the action button. The next step is to open the "E-Mail dispatch wizard".

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