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The check-in of companions

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In Sweap, you can assign companions to each main guest individually and assign each companion a separate record with information (such as first and last name and email address). This means that each companion registered and created by name also receives its own entry in the CMS and can also be searched for manually and independently of the main guest.

ATTENTION: If you have activated the feature "anonymus escorts only" when creating your event, the accompanying persons can only be found and checked in via the main guest. An independent search of anonymous accompanying persons is not possible, as they do not contain any data records.

For more information on creating companions, see this article.

However, since we receive questions about the check-in of companions registered by name again and again, we would like to go into this in more detail.

Do escorts automatically receive their own eTicket (QR Code Ticket)?

No, escorts do not automatically receive an eTicket because Sweap does not have a declaration of consent from these people and therefore escorts may not simply be contacted. 

Check-in of accompanying persons who appear together with the main guest

NOTE: Sweap has added an important feature to its product. In addition to check-in, you can now check out guests in the app as well as in your CMS account! You can find out everything important about check-out here.

This is how check-in works when the main guest arrives for accreditation together with his escorts:

The easiest way to check in a Principal Guest and his/her companions is by scanning the Principal Guest's QR Code ticket. After a successful scan (alternatively the Main Guest can be searched for in the search field in the app) the main mask of the scanned Main Guest appears. Within this mask his registered companions are also shown by name. 

If you click the check-in button for the first time, the system always automatically checks in the opened Main Guest first.

If you press the Check-In button again, a pop-up window opens to ask which escort should be checked in (only relevant if several escorts are registered for one main guest).

Now you can select and check in the escort you want to check in. 

Alternatively, you can also click on the name of the escort to be checked in within the mask of a main guest and thus trigger the check-in process of this person.

As soon as an accompanying person has been checked in, a check mark appears in the system in the guest's main mask behind the name of the person checked in.

Check-in of accompanying persons who appear independently of the main guest

It may happen that an escort registered by name wants to check in independently of the main guest. This is also possible with Sweap and the Sweap App. Since escorts do not receive a QR Code ticket, there is a high probability that an escort will show up without a ticket. Therefore, the QR Code Scanner cannot be used here and the escort should be searched manually via the search field to open the "mask" of the escort.

Now the accompanying person can be checked in again with the help of the Check-In button. 

If name tags are to be printed during the check-in process and you have set within the printer configuration that name tags are to be printed automatically at check-in, the name tag of the escort will also be printed automatically after check-in. 
Note: These setting options and label printing are not available in the Free licence! These options can be used from the Growth licence.

For more information about the Sweap App and guest accreditation, please read this article.

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