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Guest check-out

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Sweap has added an important feature to its product. In addition to check-in, you can now check-out your guests, both in the mobile app and in your web app!

In the following we would like to show you how to use this feature.

Prerequisite: The feature will be activated by Sweap for the desired event(s).

1. Check-out via mobile App

Following the same principles as you check in a guest manually, you can also check out a guest.

1.1 Select guest

In our example the guest has already been checked in. The "Check in" button appears in red and the "Check out" button in green.

1.2. Check-out

If the guest is checked out by button, the check-out is recorded numerically and the "Check-out" button changes to red.

When you check in again, the "Check out" button changes back to green.

1.3 "Swapchecking"

Theoretically it is possible to check out the guest more often than check in. If this should happen, a security prompt is interposed, where the action must be confirmed again.

NOTE: Checked out persons can be filtered by the status "Checked out" in the list view.

2. Check-out via web App

2.1 Open guest list

When you open the guest list for your event, the "Presence status" column appears automatically. Here you get a direct overview of whether your guests have already checked in (Present) or are still expected (Not yet here).

2.2 Select guest

In our example the guest has already been checked in and has the status "Present".

To check out a guest with the status "Present", please click on the guest or on the symbol of the editing pen.

The "Guest information" window then opens. Here, please click on the tab "Further".

With the button "Guest Check-Out" you can check out the guest and with the button "Guest Check-In" you can also check in again.

NOTE: If you have checked a guest out or in by mistake, you can revise the last action (until all actions by clicking the button) by clicking "Undo last guest check".
2.3Check-Out guest

If you have "checked out" the guest, the status in the guest list automatically changes to "Checked out".

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