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Edit guest information and change the status manually

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Sweap offers you the possibility to process each guest individually or a group of guests in a bundled manner. The following shows you how to view and edit guest information.  

Customizing the data of a specific guest

If you want to change guest data of a specific guest within your event, simply click on the respective guest, for example on the first or last name. The guest mask opens with all information that you can customize. The mask is divided into four categories.

  • Attributes
  • Accompanying persons
  • Email Log
  • Further

Attributes are information about each guest, for example the name, the email address or the status. 

Please note that the attributes of each individual guest are divided into 'Standard attributes' and 'Own attributes'. It is important to note that standard attributes are information that is predefined by the system (such as first and last name, email or status). All information marked with * are mandatory data that must be filled in for each guest.

Own attributes are all attributes that have been created for the business event. This means that this includes individually created attributes such as for example food requests.

For more information about creating attributes, click here.

Accompanying persons

Within the tab 'Accompanying persons' all accompanying persons of the selected guest are displayed with first and last name and e-mail address. Within this category you also have the option to create new companions.

You can read a more detailed explanation about the accompanying persons here.

E-Mail Log

Within the E-Mail Log section, all entries of the E-Mail Log of the selected guest are displayed. You also have the option of opening the E-Mail dispatch assistant, which allows you to quickly access all e-mail templates created for the event and send them to the individual guest. Furthermore, you can also access the entire e-mail log within this section, which then displays all messages of all guests, not only those of the selected individual guest.

The 'Other' section allows you to quickly view the check-ins of the selected guest or to manually perform or undo the check-ins for this guest. In addition, you can use this mask to download the guest's QR code for the check-in.

TIP: If you want to carry out a subsequent guest check-in for several people, you can use the batch function (multiple selection). You can find out how to use this function here.

The simultaneous adjustment of information from several guests using the action field

You can use the action box to quickly change information from multiple guests at once. Please note, that the information to be changed must be the same for all marked guests, so that you can change and adjust it quickly and collectively.

You can read more information about additional options of the action field here.

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