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The print settings

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Sweap offers the function to print name labels. These can contain various information that you select. 

Note: These setting options and label printing are not available in the Free licence! These options can be used from the Growth licence.
Note: Currently, the Brother P-Touch QL 710 W, Brother P-Touch QL 720 NW, Brother QL-810W and Brother QL-820NWB printers are supported for the print function. These are thermal printers, which are able to write on paper labels. Fabric labels or other materials are unfortunately not available. 

You can access and configure the print function within the configuration in the corresponding event by going to "on site" and selecting "name tags".

Please also note the print preview option, which you can always view on the right side of the screen. For an exact control of the printable area on the labels it is necessary to make a test print before an event.

The print mode allows you to select the way in which the name label is printed, when and how often. In the standard version, the label is printed automatically once at check-in.

  • Deactivated: No name tag is printed, the button for printing is not displayed.
  • Manual: A print button is displayed next to the check-in button. One name label is printed per click on the print button.
  • At Checkin (once): same as Manual, except that a name tag is automatically printed the first time the guest checks in.
  • At Checkin (multiple): same as Manual, except that a name label is automatically printed at each check-in of the guest.
  • Show print dialog: Clicking on the print button opens a dialog for selecting the printer (otherwise only the first time the print is made). After selecting the printer, a name label is printed.

Using the expert mode the labels can be printed more flexible. More information and explanations about the expert mode can be found further down in this article.

Label type

Select the type and size of label you want to print. The corresponding value must match the paper loaded in the printer, otherwise an error message will be displayed. You can manage this using the "Label Type" setting function.

For fanfold paper, the width of the label must match the selected size. The following labels are currently supported:

DK-11209 is the most commonly used size, as it is the production of a label as it can be attached to a standard folder. 

Round labels (DK-11218, DK-11219, DK-11207) are currently not supported.

Further information about the print labels and where to obtain them can be found here.

Preview function

On the right side of your screen you will see a preview of the label, which is displayed in its original size. Please note that the preview function does not always match the actual print. Therefore, it is always recommended to make test prints before the event, especially in case of long names, which may cause breaks, scaling or shortening.

QR Code

As a further feature you can specify whether the QR code, which is otherwise sent with the ticket, is printed directly on the name label. There are two sizes available and the possibility to position the QR code to the right or below the rest of the text. Please note that the QR code limits the space required. We therefore recommend using larger labels than the standard size if necessary. 

Title attribute

In the next step of the settings, you can specify a title attribute for the name labels, e.g. whether a preceding title or salutation should be printed.

Subtitle | second row

You can also select an attribute to be printed in second row under the name. Any attribute can be used for the second row. Please note that in the case of long guest information, the system will scale or shorten the information so that it fits on the label. To avoid printing this information too small, we recommend shortening the information beforehand (for example, for long company names), or choosing larger labels.

Expert Mode

The expert mode allows you to flexibly save settings for printing the labels. Any attributes of a guest and even more information can be used. Various fonts and font sizes are also available.

To do this, first check Expert Mode to open this configuration step. You can now access the HTML editor with the dynamic placeholder function. To do this, click on the T field in Expert Mode. For more information about the HTML editor, see here.

This opens the so-called Token Insertion, which allows you to select the placeholder you want to add to the name label. The placeholder is then filled in by the system with the appropriate information. In our example we choose "Position" and click Ok. 


The attribute is now integrated at the front, but you can also move it to another position. As you can see, we would like to have the position printed on the label as the last specification. 


If you click on an appropriate placeholder, for example the position, it will be marked. Now you can also change the font or size. 

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