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What are event series?

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Your events as a series: Our definition of reducing repetitive work to manage series of events.

What exactly is an event series and how does it differ from recurring events?

An event series consists of several sessions that are grouped together under an overarching theme or purpose and take place over a certain period of time. In contrast to recurring events, which are often identical and repeated at regular intervals (e.g. weekly Meetup), the individual events within a series can be individually designed and offer different content.

What exactly is a session and how does it relate to an event series?

A session is a single event within an event series. It can be customized - including date, name, location and format - and is part of the overall event series. Sessions make it possible to explore different facets of a topic or purpose within the series, while the organizational unit and guest list remain the same.

Can I make individual changes for individual sub-events?

Yes, you can make individual changes for each session within your event series. Our platform allows you to personalize each session as needed - be it by changing the date, name, location or format of the event.

Does the guest list remain the same for all sub-events in a series?

Yes, the guest list remains the same for the entire duration of the event series. Changes to the guest list affect all sessions, which significantly reduces the administrative effort and simplifies planning.

Can I use event series for different event formats?

Yes, you can create event series for on-site, virtual or hybrid events.

Can I use event series for different event formats?

Yes, you can create event series for on-site, virtual, or hybrid events. Please note that our Virtual Event Platform is not available for event series.

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