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Enter accompanying persons (registration form)

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Settings for the escorts and the information to be requested by the system for each escort can be made directly in the Website Generator within the configuration of the registration form.

To do this, open the menu "Registration settings --> Registration form" within the website builder.

Determine number of possible accompanying persons

To do this, click on the attribute "Accompaniment" in the "Guest" tab.

On the right-hand side of the editing window you can define the maximum number of accompanying persons that can be added. If the value exceeds 1, the "input field type" changes from checkbox to drop-down or radio button.

Furthermore, you can adjust the attribute (the query) according to your wishes (text content etc.) here.

Add query information for the accompanying person(s)

To add query information for the accompanying persons, switch to the tab "Accompanying person".

Here you can now add further form fields (query attributes) via the green "+" symbol, similar to the main guest. The following attributes are available by default:

  • Salutation
  • Title
  • First name
  • Name
  • E-mail 
NOTE: As soon as the main guest has entered the name and, if applicable, further information of the accompanying persons within the registration form and confirmed his/her acceptance, these accompanying persons appear by name in the CMS overview of your event. They are noted with the status "Accompanied by ...".

You can search directly for the escort in the guest list. If an escort is registered anonymously, only the number of escorts will appear under the main person.

Separate query information of accompanying persons visually and numerically according to person

By inserting an intermediate text with the placeholder command {{index}} , an automatic enumeration/separation of the individual accompanying person queries can be inserted. To do this, the intermediate text only has to be inserted once. Due to the placeholder, this text is automatically inserted before each escort (see graphic).

Record accompanying persons anonymously only

When you create a new event in your account, you can activate the feature "Anonymous escorts only".

What are the effects of activating this feature?

  • Only the number - but not the contact details - of accompanying persons can be entered. The tab "Accompanying person" (to add possible queries) is not available here.

  • The accompanying persons are recorded in the guest list exclusively via the main guest (here Max Mustermann). A separate listing is not possible.


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