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Last Update and Last Reply of your guests

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You can see in Sweap when last changes were made to the guest records.

We distinguish between "Last Update" and "Last Reply".

Last Update

'Last Update' indicates the time when the last change was made to the guest record.

Our system records all changes that are made to the guest record.

See following what our system notes as update:

  • Confirming / declining for an event
  • changes of accompanying persons
  • changing guest data (e.g. demographic data)
  • adding or changing categories, etc.

Our system does not distinguish whether the change was made by you or by your guest.

Last Reply

The last reply refers to the last change that occurred via the registration page. So this is a change that your guest has made to their guest record.

See following what changes your guest can make via the registration page:

  • Confirming / declining for an event
    Your guest's acceptance is saved and represents the 'confirmation'. If the guest goes to the registration page again, he can also change his acceptance into a rejection. This is only possible if the guest accesses the registration page again.
  • changes of accompanying persons
    The guest can also change the information about the accompanying person(s) afterwards on the registration page.
  • changing guest data (e.g. demographic data)
    In case you guest wants to changes his data (e.g. name information), such changes can also be made by your guest. Again, the guest must visit the registration page and fill out the form to confirm his/her changes.
    You can lock fields that are already filled in, if you don't want your guests to overwrite information.
    Read this article for more information.

Show columns for 'Last Update' and 'Last Reply'

Show the columns 'Last Update' and 'Last Reply' in the overview of your guest list by editing the visibility of the columns and activating both columns as visible.

You can display the information in both columns in ascending or descending order. Use the small arrows next to the column headers.

changelog visibility of columns
Last Reply Web Page

Besides the columns 'Last Update' and 'Last Reply' there is also a column called "Last Reply Web Page". In this column you see which registration page was used for the last reply of your guest.

This function is very helpful for events where you use several registration pages.

Last Reply Web Page

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