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Configuration of a registration form

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To receive targeted information from your guests, you can easily adapt and expand the registration form.

1. Configure the registration form

Click on the button "Edit registration form" under "Registration settings". In the following pop-up you can make all settings and check them live in the preview.

a. Set form fields

Adjust the fields of your form on the left side. You can add fields with "+", activate a field and click on "Delete" at the bottom left to remove it. To change the order of the form fields, click on the title, hold and drag it to the desired position.

b. Settings for individual form fields

After you have determined which fields are to be displayed in which order, you can make the following settings in the left-hand area for the respective clicked attribute (form field):

  1. Input field type

Here you can define the form in which the content is to be entered by the guest. The fields are pre-formatted (e.g. e-mail field must contain an @ sign). You can choose between e-mail, telephone number, date and time or enter your own selection options as a drop-down, radio button or checkbox.

The drop-down and radio button options are automatically available to you if you have stored predefined values for the attribute in advance. The checkbox option is available if you selected the type "Yes/No value" when creating the attribute.
  1. Input mode

- Field editable - guests can customise content

- Field locked (except if empty) - No changes possible, but selection is displayed in the form (e.g. for pre-filled info)


You send a personalised invitation to a specific company (Max Mustermann AG) and want to ensure that only an employee of this company attends the event. You can assign information to the form field "Company" in advance and lock the field so that the company "Max Mustermann AG" cannot be changed during registration. If a guest then registers for the event, he or she can see the "Company" field in the registration form, but cannot manually change the pre-filled information "Max Mustermann AG".

- Field deactivated / greyed out - option is not (any longer) available for selection for the guest

  1. Headline

Title of the input field

  1. Placeholder text

Until your guest fills out the form field, they will see this text as a placeholder.

  1. Field width

The width of your form is always fully utilised. If you choose half the width, for example, the remaining width is filled by a second field.

  1. HTML ID

Is needed to customise the registration form using Javascript commands. For example, to show and hide form fields.

2. Special form fields

  1. Intermediate text

Add further additions to the form with an intermediate text.

  1. Button

Create a button yourself and link it to a website or document from an FTP server. Optionally, you can also add an icon for this button/link.

  1. Data protection declaration

As a further form element, you can embed a privacy policy in the registration form.

You can specify whether the privacy policy is to be displayed to guests already stored in the system. 

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Add a checkbox with URL to the registration form