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Contacts - create tags and lists manually

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Tags and lists can be created automatically via import if they already exist in the Excel dataset in question and are assigned or selected during import.

Alternatively, you can add as many tags and lists as you like manually and assign them to single or multiple contacts.

Manually create tags & lists and assign to existing contacts


According to Wikipedia, a tag is a markup of a piece of data with additional information, in the form of a label, (ab)sign or tag (Wikipedia/Tag).

In Sweap you can tag your contacts with different and as much additional information as you want (e.g. external, internal) and then filter and search your contacts, also by multiple selection.


These are contact lists that allow you to categorize your existing contacts as well as your newly added contacts into "groups" (e.g. Berlin, VIP).

Note: Importing from contacts into an event is only possible by selecting lists and tags. This means that all your contacts that you want to access for your existing and future events must be assigned to at least one list and or tag. No contacts can be selected individually or directly for import.

For more information on how to add existing contacts to your event, click here.

How to import contacts or create them manually, you can learn here.

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