Using time zones in Sweap

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In this article you will learn everything you need to know about using time zones in Sweap.

With time zones, we enable you to make your event management more efficient and make it easier for your guests to check when an event is taking place - regardless of their location.

But not only your guests will benefit from this feature, it will also simplify the management of your events.

It is now common to access the same system from different locations around the world. For example, employees who are not in the same time zone can select the relevant time zone in their user profile. This ensures that all events and the associated dates/times are also displayed in the Sweap overview page in the individual time zones.

Information such as the last feedback from your guests or when a record was created will be displayed accordingly in the time of the time zone.

Times zones can be managed in different areas of Sweap:

  • User profile
    Here you can set the time zone in which you are located. This setting controls the display of information such as the last feedback from your guests or when a record was created.
    Time Zone User Profile

  • Event settings
    While creating a new event, you select the time zone within which your event will take place. As default we have defined CET (Central European Time) UTC +1 / CEST (Central European Summer Time) UTC +2. The time zone can also be changed later via the event settings.
    Time Zone Event Settings

Where are time zones shown?

  • In emails behind the event time
    Time Zone in emails
  • In the countdown modules within the registration page or virtual event page
    Time Zone in Countdown Module

To implement time zones into textes of your Emails or webpages you can use placeholders. Placeholders that you can use for this are the following:

  • Event time with time zone, short version
  • Event time with time zone, long version

More information about the usage of placholders can be found here.

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