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Set up and manage chat for the Virtual Event Platform

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For the use of the chat on your Virtual Event Platform, Sweap provides you with a chat widget from the provider Comet Chat.

NOTE: You set up/adjust and control (groups, users, messages) the chat directly in the Comet Chat account. Communication with the participants, on the other hand, takes place directly via the Virtual Event Platform.

After Sweap has added you as an admin to your widget, you will receive a separate invitation email from Comet Chat. Once you have logged in, you can customise the widget according to your needs.

1. Integrate chat widget into the Virtual Event Platform

To do this, open the chat widget and click on the "Install" tab at the top left. Here you receive the data that you in turn enter in the Virtual Event Platform in your Sweap account. To do this, open the Virtual Event Platform --> select the "Chat" module, activate it and transfer the following data:

  • Comet Chat App ID
  • Comet Chat Widget ID
  • Comet Chat Auth Key
  • Comet Chat App Region

2. Set up chat functions

You can make the settings for the chat directly in the widget in the Comet Chat account. You should note the following basic settings (in addition, you can make further optional adjustments):

2.1 Customise the name of the chat and background colour

In the menu area on the left, select the Chat Widget menu.

Then click on the "Customize" tab in the upper right-hand corner and then you can change the name of the chat under Name and the background colour via the Background icon. 

2.2 Deactivating tones for messages, calls and groups

First click on the larger right area of the widget image.

2.2.1 Deactivate tones

Go to Messages -> Sound for Incoming/Outgoing Messages -> deactivate the function

2.2.2 Deactivating Calls

Go to Calls -> deactivate the calls that are not desired

 2.2.3 Deactivate groups

Go to Groups -> deactivate the respective functions

2.3 Hiding group and user information

First click on the smaller, left area of the widget image.   

If no groups are needed (only one chat for the event) -> Disable Show Groups

For privacy reasons, unless otherwise specified -> Disable Show Users

To remove the information "Number of participants" and "This message has been removed" from the chat view in the Virtual Event Platform, you can enter the following commands in the "Custom CSS" area:

Number of participants

.group__members {
display: none;

Note: "This message has been removed"

.message__deleted {
display: none;

3. Manage chat

After the chat settings have been made, you can control, for example, groups, messages and your users. The management can be done before, during and after the chat.

3.1 Manage groups (optional)

In the menu area on the left, select the Groups menu.

Here you can add new groups and edit or delete existing groups or view the members of the group.

3.2 Manage messages

In-Flight Message Moderation

This menu function allows you to control incoming chat messages. You can approve, reject, block (Ban) or completely remove (Kick) messages. Furthermore, you receive information about the sender, the receiver, the reception type and when the message was sent (Sent at).


Here you can view the messages, remove messages from the chat and block the sender(s) of the messages or remove them from the group. Furthermore, you can export the messages via the Historical Messages (& Export) button.

3.3 Manage users (chat participants)


Here you can manually add more chat participants, import or deactivate, edit and delete users.

3.4 Manage widget users

Settings --> Team tab

Here you can add or delete users for the widget in Comet Chat. Once you have added a new user, they will automatically receive an email from Comet Chat to log in to the widget. If you add him with the role Admin, he can also customise and control the chat.

4. Start chat

After you have set up and adjusted everything, you can start chatting.

Please note: Users who want to control and moderate the chat must be registered as active users in the Comet Chat App as well as in Sweap.

To conduct the chat, you should have two browser windows open. In one window you are logged in as a participant on the Virtual Event Platform (to chat) and in the other window you are in the Comet Chat App to control the chat.

Sweap is already working on it, so that in the future the moderation as well as the control can be carried out directly via Sweap.

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