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Automated email campaigns

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Optimise e-mail communication with your guests: With the e-mail campaigns feature, you can have your invitations, reminders or thank-you notes sent automatically via Sweap!

You have full control and send the emails at the personally defined, optimal time. Get an overview of the communication with your guests and reduce your no-show rate to a minimum.

Please note that e-mail campaigns are only available from the Growth licence onwards. You can find more information about the different plans here.

To create a campaign, proceed as follows:

1. Select the desired event and open the "Communication" menu

Now click on "Email campaigns" and a new window (overview page) will open.

You can create a new campaign by clicking on the button "Create e-mail campaign".

A pop-up window opens automatically in which all relevant settings for the campaign are made.

In the first step, select the e-mail template that you want to send later.

2. Set parameters of the campaign

After you have selected the email template and the sending time, you can add additional filters.

Recipient group: Which guests should receive this e-mail. The status is automatically set and recognised by Sweap. This allows you to contact only confirmed guests, for example.

Category: If you have categorised your guests into different groups (e.g. press or VIP), you can activate one or more groups here. "0 Values" (basic setting) means that all guests from the predefined group of recipients will receive this e-mail. With each selected category, the number increases by "+1".

Problem solving for duplicates: If several guests have the same e-mail address, e-mails can be sent to all guests, a randomly selected one, or no guest at all.

Ignore unsubscribe: Guests can unsubscribe from receiving emails from you. With this setting, you can override this to ensure that every subscriber also receives the information.

Once all parameters have been set, the campaign can be saved via the "Create" button.

3. Automatic dispatch of the campaign

You don't need to do anything else to send your campaign. It will be sent automatically at the specified time.

4. Overview of created campaigns

After the campaign(s) have been successfully created, they are displayed in the overview with the most important brief information.

The pencil icon can be used to adjust the campaigns at any time (up to the date of dispatch).

You can create unlimited campaigns to target Save the Date, invitations, reminders, confirmations and other information to increase the success of your campaign and event.

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