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The guest import with Excel

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Sweap makes it easy to import important guest information from an Excel spreadsheet.

For now, only Excel files (xls or xlsx, no csv) can be uploaded.

The Excel guest import

To avoid errors, we recommend that you enter the column names in the first row of the Excel template and from the second row on the guest data.

Update or expand existing guest data via import

You can update existing guest data or expand existing data sets by further import.

The merging or expansion of the data is automatically available under the following conditions:

  • identical name (first and last name are identical) or a
  • identical e-mail address or a
  • identical external ID.

When a guest matching guest X is imported, you can select it to "update" the guest, which means that all information of the newly imported guest will overwrite the existing information.


  1. Guest "Max Mustermann" with the following information already exists:
  • E-mail:
  • Company: "Muster AG"
  • Position: "Entwickler"
  • Invitation-Code: XYZ
  1. Another guest "Max Mustermann" with the following information is imported:
  • Company "Other AG"
  • Position "CTO"

In the import process, the column "Position" is NOT selected for import. Query for "Update duplicate the guest" is confirmed.

  1. Result:
  • Max Mustermann
  • Company: Andere AG
  • Position: Entwickler (Daten werden nicht überschrieben, da im Importprozess nicht ausgewählt)
  • Invitation-Code: XYZ

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