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Check-in via batch function / multiple selection

Julia Walther Updated by Julia Walther

Virtual events are becoming more and more popular and due to the Covid-19 restrictions they have become an integral part of our daily work.

Even at such events you certainly do not want to do without the check-in function in order to be able to use this information for a later evaluation.

Accordingly, it is possible to use the batch function in the guest list to check in guests after the respective event.

How do I use the batch function in the guest list?

We have prepared a small video for you.

TIP: Due to the multiple selection, you can Check-In all (selected) guests at once and, if necessary, cancel the Check-In.
NOTE: The batch function is not limited to the Check-In attribute. The function can also be used for other attribute adjustments (e.g. number of accompanying persons, title, company, etc.)

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