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In this article, we explain and show you the information on Event Sustainability in Sweap.

We are not only aware of our own impact through our day-to-day business, but also recognise the impact of our customers' events on the environment.

That's why we support CleanHub, an organisation that collects plastic in coastal regions to prevent it from entering the sea. We have committed to saving at least 3,500 kg per year.

Our users directly influence the amount of additional plastic we can save: each event registration leads to 5 g of plastic being collected. To keep an eye on the impact of your events at all times, we have created the Event Sustainability widget.

This widget will only be visible for events created after the June 06, 2024.

The widget in the Event Dashboard

In your "Event Dashboard" you can see at any time how much plastic you have collected with your event and the corresponding equivalent in plastic bottles, plastic cups and rubbish bags. This equivalent changes every time you update the page and should give you a sense of how big your contribution is beyond the exact grams.

You can also see how much of your target you have achieved. This function requires that you have set a registration goal in the "Event Insights".

Event Sustainability - Widget

The widgets within the Event Insights

The first widget "Event Sustainability" mirrors the information of the widget described above in the "Event Dashboard".

To use the second widget "Waste collection", you must set a registration goal for your event. You can do this using the three dots in the top right-hand corner of the widget.

Your registration goal calculates the potential amount of plastic you have collected through this event, you can see how many grams of plastic waste you have already collected and how far you are from your goal.

Event Sustainability - Insights

You can find more information about our event sustainability initiative here.

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