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How we protect your data

Sweap AI brings the power and magic of AI to Sweap. Sweap AI is designed with trust in your data in mind.

How does Sweap AI work?

Sweap AI combines state-of-the-art models developed by OpenAI with the power and data of Sweap. This means we deliver native artificial intelligence tailored to you, your teams, and your workflows, in a way that respects the privacy of your data. You can learn more about using Sweap AI here.

What has been the approach in developing Sweap AI?

All of our work is guided by our principles, which focus on transparency, trust, accountability, and teamwork. These principles help us take responsibility for considering and using technologies like AI responsibly and in line with our company values.

Does MATE Development GmbH's privacy policy for Sweap also apply to Sweap AI?

Our privacy policy applies to all our products and services, including Sweap AI.

Do the GTC of MATE Development GmbH or the software license agreement (hereinafter referred to as SLA) concluded between you and MATE Development GmbH also apply to Sweap AI?

Yes, Sweap AI is covered by the SLA. In addition, we have introduced Sweap AI-specific terms and conditions, which are incorporated by reference into the SLA and govern your use of Sweap AI.

How do I start using Sweap AI?

An administrator of your Sweap account must decide to use Sweap AI and activate it for your account. The corresponding consent form can be found in the account settings.

How should I use Sweap AI?

Some of the models used as part of Sweap AI, including those developed by OpenAI, generate answers based on your input and are probabilistic in nature. This means that their answers are generated by predicting the most likely next word or text based on the data they have been trained on.

Because of this approach, these models can sometimes behave inaccurately, incompletely, or unreliably. For example, the answers you get might not accurately reflect the content they are based on or might generate content that sounds reasonable but is incomplete and should not be relied upon.

We recommend that you consider the situations in which you use Sweap AI - for example, not in cases where you need up-to-date and accurate information about people, places, and facts - and check the quality of the answers you receive before sharing them with others.

Does Sweap send customer data to OpenAI's platform to train its services?

The data you submit and the responses you receive through Sweap AI are not used to fine-tune or improve OpenAI's models or services. Each data request is sent individually via an SSL encrypted service to OpenAI for processing and return to Sweap. No guest data beyond the information you provide is transmitted to OpenAI. Detailed information about OpenAI API privacy is available here.

Does Sweap AI use my data to serve other customers?

The data you submit and the answers you receive will be used only for you. They will not be used to train models for other clients or exchanged between clients.

Does OpenAI store the data of Sweap customers?

OpenAI stores the prompts you submit and the generated responses for up to 30 days. Beyond that, OpenAI does not store any further data. Detailed information about OpenAI API data storage can be found here.

Does Sweap AI have an impact on compliance with the GDPR?

We are committed to helping our customers comply with the GDPR and their local requirements. OpenAI assures compliance with the GDPR as part of a data protection agreement. Detailed information about OpenAI and the GDPR can be found here and an overview of OpenAI compliance and certifications can be found here.

Is Sweap AI SOC 2 and ISO compliant?

Although many of the systems and services used by Sweap and by Sweap AI have these certifications and adhere to the same internal policies and standards, Sweap AI itself has not undergone an external assessment for SOC 2 or ISO certification.

Can I restrict or limit the data that is shared with Sweap AI?

Currently, Sweap AI can be either turned on or off for all users. No other limits or restrictions can be set.

Does Sweap AI respect existing permissions?

Yes, Sweap AI respects existing permissions. Users cannot create or generate content based on resources they do not have access to.

Information on how to enable the AI feature in Sweap can be found here.

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