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The confirmation status from guests

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The following section introduces the four default statuses of Sweap and explains how you can quickly change the status for a guest or group of guests.

The four status messages of your guests

In principle, guests of your event can be assigned to four different status messages:

  • No invitation - The guest has not yet received an invitation to the event.
  • No response - The guest has received an invitation to the event from you, but has not yet confirmed or declined it. 
  • Confirmed - The guest has confirmed his or her participation in the event.
  • Declined - The guest has cancelled his participation in the event.

Change the status of your guests via the guest mask

Note: Although you can edit multiple guests at once using the action box, the status of the selected guests must be changed to the same new value. You cannot assign multiple new values at once. 

For more information about editing your guests, see this article. 

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