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Import groups and committees from EVA master data

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In the following article you will learn how to import distributors (groups and committees) from EVA master data.

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This process provides for data from EVA master data to be imported into Sweap and used to organise events. In addition, other data from EVA Core Objects, Member Relationships, PersonsInCompanies, Addresses, PersonBasis and TelecomBasis, Group Names and Ident Numbers can be imported to complete the guest data work in Sweap.

Note: EVA master data is required for this function.

Import into Sweap from EVA master data

To import data from the EVA dispatch into Sweap, the following steps must be carried out in Sweap.

  1. Click import guests in the dashboard or switch to the guest list and click import.
  2. Select "Import from EVA/ESS".
  3. Log in with the access data.
  4. Select EVA groups.
  5. Select one or more EVA groups / committees.
  6. Check the assignment of the attributes. The assignment is initially done automatically.
  7. Remaining attributes can be de-(activated) for the import in the next step.
  8. Confirm and complete the import.

Export contact notes from Sweap to EVA

To export contact notes from Sweap to EVA after the end of the event, proceed as follows.

  1. Select the participants/guests you want to export. To select all guests, use the first checkbox for the total selection of the displayed participants.
  2. Click "Action" and select "IHK EVA Export".
  3. Log in with the access data.
  4. Select the relevant topics as needed.
  5. If necessary, select the relevant areas.
  6. Select the appropriate attributes for Person ID and Company ID. As a rule, the fields are filled in automatically if you have already used the EVA import.
    The event title is automatically inserted under the "Remarks" field. This field is editable and can be used for further information.

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Import of distributors with EVA