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App branding & app settings

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With Sweap you can use your own corporate design in the checkin app.

Here we explain how you can quickly and individually customise the design of the Sweap checkin app for the guest accreditation.

Note: These setting options are not available in the Free licence! The branding as well as the general settings can be used from the Growth licence onwards.

1. Account-wide adaption of your checkin app

Account-wide settings for your app can be made in the main menu of Sweap. Account-wide settings will be valid for all your events created in Sweap.

Go to 'Account Settings', 'Advanced Settings' and go to the 'Checkin App' area.

Checkin App Setup

There is two modes within you can make changes to the checkin app setup, default mode and expert mode.

Settings that you can change within the default mode are:

  • Action Color (Color of the action fields, e.g. 'Search', 'Open', 'Camera')
  • Background Color (Background of the app)
  • Warning Color (Display of warnings)
  • Logo Image (es shown within the app in the right botton area)

These adjustments are usually enough to make the checkin app appear in your corporate design. In the expert mode, you can make further settings (fonts and colors) as well as functional settings for your checkin app. You can activate the expert mode by checking the box in the upper right corner.

Sweap assigns colour values by default. Once you have made and saved colour changes, you can restore the values at any time using the 'Reset to Default Values' button. The system automatically performs a colour check and displays error messages if the selected colour is too dark, for example. Save after each step and reload the app to check your changes.

2. Customize Checkin App within event

Even if you have already customised the checkin app at account level, you are free to further customise the app for events. To do this go to the event for which you want to make your adjustments to the checkin app. Within the event, click on the menu item 'On site'. Go to the 'Checkin App Configuration' section.

3. Expert Mode

You find the expert mode at the top on the right hand side - activate the mode by checking the box. In expert mode, you can customise your app branding even more. Most of the colour codes are already filled in automatically by the system, but you can customise them.

The colour codes already stored are colour-matching codes that are based on the selected action and background colour from the general settings.

CheckinApp expert mode
3.1 Further settings within the expert mode
  • Directly check-in guest when QR code is scanned
    This function is by default deactivated. That means a guest will only be identified by scanning his/her QR code - the guest information will be shown in the checkin app. To check your guest in a click on 'checkin' will be necessary.
  • Restrict checking in more then allowed
    Guests who have already checked in cannot be checked in again.
  • Ticket Scanner Enabled
  • Ticket Scan Sound
  • Check-in Sound
  • Check-in Requires Category
  • Warning Notice fpr Exiting Event
  • Automatic Logout
3.2 Additional design settings
  • Fonts (Default, Default Italic, Default Bold, Default Bold Italic)
  • Action Highlight Color (Search, Open, Camera)
  • Separator Color
  • Colors of the navigation bar (Font/Icon Highlight Color, Font/Icon Color, Background Color)
  • Button colors (Default Button, Green Button, Red Button, White Button)
  • Splash Screen Image (start screen) and Background Color of the start screen
Note: For more information on how to set up and use the checkin app, click here.

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