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Create event series in Sweap

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Below we will show you how you can quickly and easily create a complete event series consisting of several sessions in Sweap.

Log in to Sweap with your access data.

You will land on the overview page of your events.

To create a new event, click on the "+ Create event" button at the top or on the large tile with the plus sign ("Create an event").

Event erstellen - Event Hub

Create event - General information

When you create a new event, our system needs some basic information about your event. This information is requested when you create an event.

Below we explain some of the fields that are important for creating a new event.

Veranstaltung anlegen Screen
1. Event format

Select whether your event is a single event (standard) or an event series.

2. Event state

The default setting is "Draft". You can activate the event directly here or archive it. Further information on the event status can be found here.

3. Event type

Here you can enter information on whether your event is taking place virtually, on site or hybrid.

You can filter your events by event type both in the tile view and in the list view and only display events of a certain type if you wish.

4. Event ticketing

If you use our Stripe integration or PAYONE integration, you indicate whether you plan to sell tickets when you create your event.

5. Event duration (begin, end, timezone)

Define when your event takes place and how long it runs. In this context, also define the time zone in which the event takes place.

6. Max. amount of guests

Define here the maximum number of guests that can register for your event.

You can also define a corresponding setting to limit the capacity in the settings of your registration page(s).

7. Website domain

Our domain is stored here by default; if you have booked your own domain with us, your domain will be displayed here. Your event-related websites are located on this domain.

8. Event location

The address entered is automatically transferred to the "Location module" of the Website Builder.

Incidentally, it is not absolutely necessary to enter an address; your event can also be created without an address. A specific address is often not entered for virtual events.

9. Tags

If you use event tags, you can enter them directly.

10. Visibility groups

If our visibility groups feature is available to you, you can define the visibility group setting when creating an event. Please note that this view applies to the admin or a user who belongs to several visibility groups. A user who only belongs to one visibility group can only create a new event in their own visibility group.

Tip: Alternatively, you can also duplicate an event series that has already been created. With a duplicated event, only a few adjustments usually need to be made. However, please note that you cannot create a single event from an event series when duplicating. You can find more information about duplicating events here.

Create event series with the help of the event creation process

If you do not use your own templates in your account, you can use our event creation process. With the help of this wizard, you can create your events even more efficiently. Our system supports you directly with the creation of communication media and websites.

As soon as you have created your event series, you can create your associated sessions.

You can find out more about sessions here.

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