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Duplicate an event to use it as a template

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In this article you will find information about duplicating event. You can quickly duplicate any event and individually define which properties of the original event should be copied to a new event.

You have the possibility in Sweap to duplicate an already existing event and its most important basic settings (e.g. website and email settings) and reuse them for a new event without having to enter them a second time.

An event can be duplicated from the card view as well as from the list view.

1. Duplicate an event within the card view

Within the card view you will see your events displayed as cards.

To duplicate within this view click on the the icon with the 3 dots inside the event card. You find this icon in the upper right corner of each card. An action field will open within that you will find the function 'Duplicate'. Click on 'Duplicate' to easily copy your event.

Duplicate event in card view

2. Duplicate an event within the list view

In the list view you have two functions to duplicate an event:

  • Duplicate using the duplicate icon
  • Duplicate using the action field

To duplicate an event from the list view, first switch to the list view of your events. Your events will now be displayed in a list.

2.1 Duplicating an event with the usage of the duplicate icon
Duplicate event - list view - duplicate icon
2.2 Duplication an event with the usage of the action field

Alternatively, you can duplicate an existing event from the list view using the action field.

Duplicate event - list view - action field

More information about the action field can be found here.

3. Settings when duplicating an event

It is up to you whether you duplicate an event via the card view or the list view. In both cases a pop up will open where you can enter the following information:

  • Name
    Enter the name of the new event that you want to create from duplicating your event.
  • Start
    Enter the start date and time of your new event.
  • End
    Specify the end date and time of your new event.
  • Elements to be copied
    Now select which elements you want to copy to your new event.
    Please note that some elements are related and cannot be selected individually, this restriction concerns data such as Guest Ticket Codes - such elements can only be copied if the guests themselves are to be duplicated from the previous event into the new one.
Duplicate event - settings

After you have specified the desired settings, click on 'Duplicate". Your new event is now created in Sweap and our system will ask you directly if you want to open the event you just created to make further adjustments / changes.

You do not want to duplicate an existing event, but create a completely new one? Then take a look here.

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