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VOTR polls and surveys on the Virtual Event Platform

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You want to give your guests the opportunity to actively participate in your event - for example, by conducting a survey or voting on dates?

With the integration of the VOTR voting tool in our Virtual Event Platform, this can be done easily. The advantage is, among other things, the password-protected poll, so that, for example, voting at virtual general meetings can be carried out securely. Find out how this works in this article.

1. Embed VOTR surveys on the Virtual Event Platform

Prerequisite for the integration of the VOTR tool is that you have purchased the Virtual Events Platform and that it is activated for you. You also need a VOTR account.

Log in to your VOTR account and create your desired poll. In order to link the data from VOTR with your guest data, download the guest list with identification tokens in Sweap and import it into VOTR. You can simply copy/paste the guest data in the VOTR participant view. Finally copy the survey link.

Now open the virtual event in which you want to conduct the poll. You will find the option VOTR in the module list on the left side. Enter the poll link here.

The VOTR option only appears in the module list if you have selected a "Virtual Event Page" as the website type and the "Sweap Virtual Event Platform 2.0.14" as the template.

2.Import survey results in Sweap

Perfect, now we are ready! You can host your event and run the survey. The guest will be automatically logged in to the poll with the identification token from Sweap.

To store the results in Sweap, you can export the poll data from VOTR and link it in Sweap using the Update Guest Data function.

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