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The all-in-one Virtual Event Platform

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Meet your guests on the Virtual Event Platform

Sweap's Virtual Event Platform is an intuitive, all-purpose app for virtual and hybrid events. Easily integrate your favorite tools for live meetings, breakout sessions, networking, polls and all the information your guests need in one app.

Virtual Event Platform

Take a look at the Virtual Event Platform right here.

Capabilities of the Virtual Event Platform

Invitation, registration and ticket, combined with virtual workshops, livestreams or a combination, in the form of a virtual conference. Now you can bundle all this in the Virtual Event Platform and create and display it as usual, with the clear and concise Sweap structure.Add now...

  • Livestreams
  • Web Conferences
  • Chat
  • Breakout Sessions
  • Polls & secure Voting as well
  • more engagement tools to your Virtual Event Platform.
Tip: We have integrations for you were you don't need your own account. So, everything from one source! Want to know what they are, contact us for setup.
Invite, register and experience the event on the Virtual Event Platform

Combined with our guest management, you have the perfect combination for your attendee management in advance and the event together. Your guests have the right calendar entry with link to the event or use the automatically sent email after registration.

Show livestream on the Virtual Event Platform

Easily integrate your livestream on the Virtual Event Platform and stay in interaction with your guests, for example with the chat. Any livestream via iFrame can be integrated. Just add the link to Virtual Event Platform. If you are looking for a partner, have a look at contentflow.

Connect several web conferences at the same time on Virtual Event Platform

Connect your webinars or conferences with the Virtual Event Platform. Your guests can participate in your web conferences without a separate app and switch between them as needed. Best of all, the name is displayed exactly as your guests registered in Sweap.

Currently you can connect up to six web conferences and let them take place in parallel or one after the other. Just use your favorite tools here. Currently we offer several integrations like Zoom and for example Microsoft Teams. You can even connect Zoom directly to Sweap.

Chat in breakout sessions on the Virtual Event Platform

Use the chat integration and have a clear path in your livestreams and web conferences. The chat runs in its own module without any additional windows or browser tabs. Stay in touch with your participants all the time with in-flight messaging, groups, calls and many more features.

Get your answers from polls and votes on the Virtual Event Platform.

Get more interaction with your guests by engaging them. Create polls and respond to them in your live sessions. Whether technical support or legally compliant voting:, TEDME or VOTR, for example, will support you in this.

Find out which guests have visited your virtual event platform, when and how often.

With our tracking capabilities you can find out who attended your virtual and hybrid events. Since a check-in is not everything, we know and therefore also give you information about when your guests have left the platform again. And that with every coming and going.

Even more engagement on the Virtual Event Platform with additional tools

Get even more out of your event and ensure fun, networking and interaction by integrating many more options. Connect your networking, social walls, photo mosaic or goodie bag tools. If you want to get started right away, check out SaySom,, Fanomena, or clickit. Easy integration guaranteed.

Note: Microsoft Teams and GoToMeeting/GoToWebinar can be opened via link in your own app, but not in the platform. Unfortunately, these providers cannot be integrated technically.

How to create your own Virtual Event Platform can be found here.

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Creating your Virtual Event Platform in Sweap