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The guest salutation

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The configuration of the guest speech

In this video you will see how you can easily configure a new salutation rule for the guest salutation of e-mails.

The configuration

Especially when sending e-mails and customer communication, the right guest salutation is of unimaginable value. That is why Sweap offers you the possibility to configure the appropriate form of address for the guests of your event and thus to specify to the system when which form of greeting should be used. Please note that the guest salutation setting is only available to you if you have booked certain options and flat rates (no availability in the basic option without e-mail dispatch).

The first important point which you can set in relation to the salutation is the language. Currently the system offers you a guest salutation in German or English. You specify this setting when you create a business event under Business Event Information.

If you want to configure the guest salutation of the e-mails, go to Information in your event and under it to Salutation - here are the standard salutations given by "Dear [title] [surname] [name]".

If you would like to create a special salutation rule, click here on "Create salutation rule".

The guest attribute must contain "Salutation".

For example, if we say that this rule should only apply to the board of directors, enter this here.

Now enter your personally chosen form of address. Here we echoed the whole thing once very generally. However, you can also select special attributes, such as "Title" and "Surname", which are then automatically filled in the e-mail.

If you now have your desired salutation, save it by clicking on "Create salutation rule" and it will appear in your overview. 

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