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In this article we will explain everything you need to know about fonts in web pages.

In the use of fonts on the Internet, a distinction is made between two types of fonts:

  • Web-Safe Fonts
    Web-Safe Fonts are standard fonts that can be found on most operating systems. These include, for example, 'Arial', 'Times New Roman', 'Verdana' and 'Georgia'.
  • Webfonts
    Web fonts, on the other hand, are not among the available standard fonts. The best-known web fonts are 'Open Sans' and 'Roboto', both are Google Fonts web fonts.

For the websites you can create with Sweap (registration page and Virtual Event Platform) a web font is used. We use the web font 'Lato' within our system.

Since web fonts are not available on every operating system, we have set up a number of fallback fonts. This ensures that your website can be displayed even if the web font we use is not available on your guest's operating system.

This means no effort for your guests or you. The use of a fallback font is automatic if necessary. If your guest's system cannot match the first choice of font used, it will choose the next font from the fallback fonts list.

We store the 'Lato' font on our own servers. Google does not get any information that we use it.

We have stored 'Helvetica' and 'Arial' as fallback fonts for you. If these two standard fonts are not available on your guest's operating system: No problem. In this case, the command 'sans-serif' is used - the system of your guest now uses any standard font without serif.

Like we host a web font, you can also host your own fonts and include this in Sweap to use them for designing your web pages.

You can find more information about using your own font and also customizing your website in the articles below:

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