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Permission sets - Default user roles in Sweap

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In Sweap you have default user roles (permission sets) with specific user rights that you can assign to your users. These default user roles are preconfigured by us and come with certain permissions.

When creating new users, you should therefore consider which permission set you want to give to your user.

Our default sets are

  • Admin
  • Standard User
  • App User
  • Lite User

Permissions at a glance

1. Admin

An admin has access to all areas of Sweap and can freely administer the entire account.

2. Standard User

Standard users can fully work with Sweap. However, they lack some configuration permission and it is only possible for standard users to display data in a few areas, but not to edit or even delete it.

3. App User

App users only have access to the checkin app. They can fully carry out the accreditation process there. However, app users do not have the permission to delete guests.

4. Lite User

Lite users or Viewer can be used when it comes to some form of read access in the system. A Lite user has significantly less rights than a standard user. Lite users have only isolated write permissions in Sweap.

They have the same app user rights as app users.

A detailed overview of our permission sets (standard user roles) and their permission can be found here.

Additionally, you can find more information about user permission and their functions in this article.

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Permissions and configuration of default permission sets