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Use contacts for your events

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Use the Contacts function to access your guest records quickly, easily, recurrently and across events.

If you have created contacts manually, imported them or added them to your contact database from an existing guest record, you can easily import them into the guest list of your respective event.

Import contacts to your guest list

Attention: Contacts cannot be selected individually (for example by their name) for import. A selection is always made via lists and/or tags, to which the contacts must be assigned in advance.

In our example video, we want to add 4 contacts from the "Berlin" list to our Demo Event, so that we can invite them afterwards.

To do this, we click on Import guests and select "Import from contacts" as the source. Next, we can assign the already existing field information (here: title, salutation and own letter salutation) and in the further course, add a not yet existing field information (here: company), if necessary, to this event.

Tip: After the import has been completed, you can use the "Created via" column in your guest list to see from which "data source" the guest records originate. If the guests are generated from contacts, they are marked as contacts.

To learn how to add tags and lists manually to contacts, click here.

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Contacts - create tags and lists manually