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The event dashboard - overview

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Once you have selected an event, you will automatically be taken to the dashboard. Here you have all relevant data available at a glance.

Event Dashboard

1. Navigation / Menu
  • Informationen about name and time of the selected event
  • "Navigation bar" to swith to the events overview within your account
  • Menu to navigate within your event
2. Status bar
  • State of the selected event
  • Current state is marked in state specific color
  • States: Draft -> Registration -> Upcoming -> Ongoing -> Over -> Archived
3. Guest List
  • Overview of the total number of guests, split into guests and accompanying persons
  • Buttons for guest import and export
4. E-Mails
  • Listings of all created emails
  • Quick link to add more emails

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5. Registration Page
  • Listing of all created Registration pages
  • Quick link to add more Registration pages

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6. Virtual Platform
  • Listing of all created Virtual Platform pages
  • Quick link to add more Virtual Platform pages

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7. Replies
  • Status overview of all invited guests, split into invited, accepted, declined, no reply
  • Quick link to send emails
8. Replies over time
  • Graphic display of the confirmations, sorted by date
9. Check-ins over time
  • Graphical representation of the check-ins, sorted by date
10. Check-ins
  • Status overview of all check-ins, split into checked-in, accepted, pending
11. Countdown
  • Upcoming events: Countdown until the start time of the event
  • Past events: Display how long ago an event took place
12. Location
  • Information about the location including a link to Google Maps
13. Missing information?
  • Send us your feedback: Have an idea for a awesome widget? Tell us! Or give us feedback in general.

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