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Customize headlines and text with HTML

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Using various HTML commands, it is possible to customize text areas that do not have an HTML editor. These areas include, for example, headings and intermediate texts in the registration form for the website.

HTML in headings

Our example: the heading in the header

You simply use the specified HTML tags and place them at the beginning and end of the words you want to customize.

By using the <i> and <b> commands, we'd like to make the heading italic and bold.

You can check the changes in the preview and save them if necessary.

HTML in the registration form

Our example: Link to the terms and conditions on an external website

Here, too, the relevant HTML command is inserted at the desired position in the text module. We want to insert a link in the intermediate text and name it "here".

The following HTML command is necessary for this:

<a href="">term</a>

Once you have saved the changes, you can see the desired result in the preview.

NOTE: Overviews of the most common HTML commands are available on the Internet. For example on or

If you want to learn more about the functions of the HTML editor (token), please click here.

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