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The Email template LA LUNA

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LA LUNA is a smartphone friendly template that is supported by over 80 different email clients.


1. Header

The headline contains three possible logo variations. The logo can be placed in the left corner, in the middle and in the right corner. It is also possible to place more than one logo.

If you have more than one logo, we recommend placing them in the left and right corners.

2. Header image

The header image can be linked from your server or securely uploaded to our Sweap server. Make sure that you have the rights for the image in advance to using them. 

If you do not have a good picture, we recommend using Unsplash hosts nice images in excellent quality and is free for commercial use. The images used in this example are also from unsplash. 
Tutorial: Unsplash with Sweap (7 minutes reading time)

Click on the link to see how simple Unsplash images can be integrated into your email campaigns.

You can find a link to another support article, on how to integrate Unsplash images into your Sweap emails, here.

It is important to pay attention to the correct image width. All images must be 600px wide, otherwise the email will not be displayed correctly with some email clients.


3. First text field

The text field is very easy to edit and use. In the example it was used as title. It can also be used for salutations, greetings etc.

Recommended font size for titles 24px and subtitles 18px.

4. Invitation section

This section is the center of the template. On the left side you can see the date of the event. The date is automatically created from the Sweap event and does not need to be added manually. Depending on the type of email, the registration buttons or the QR code for the registration are displayed on the right.


5. Second text field

The text field is very easy to edit and use. In the example it was used as description text. It can also be used for salutations, greetings etc.

If your campaign contains a lot of text, we recommend splitting between the first and second text field. In the first text box, enter information that gives a basic idea of the event. And in the second text box, provide more detailed information for people interested in the event. This improves the readability.

6. "Call to Action" button

If you have additional information that you want to link, such as a map of the venue, a schedule, photos, etc., you can add this information through a link in this section.

We recommend to design this button differently from the registration buttons to make it clearer that this section is used differently.

The rules and requirements for the footer image are similar to those for the header image. If you only want to use one image, you do not have to use the image section in the footer.


You can now add six different links. Only the icons to which you add a web address will be displayed in the email. The rest will not be visible. This can be used to link either event advertising videos (Youtube) or event Facebook pages. Or it can be used for social business pages. This section cannot be edited visually. This is because different email clients would display this email differently.


There are only a few sections in the footer. First, a text field is used for the company signature. Here you can add the copyright information of the company and the address. The second section is required and gives users the possibility to unsubscribe from the emails. This section will be translated into English if English is set for the event.


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