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Create and edit customised templates for e-mails and websites

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With the right template in your corporate design, your users can configure your event even faster and more efficiently. The templates already contain fill values, such as the logo or your main colour. This article explains how to create and edit templates.

NOTE: "Templates" are included in the Enterprise licence.

Create templates

1. With the help of Sweap

Sweap kann für Sie E-Mail Vorlage(n) sowie Webseiten Vorlage(n) aus den Daten Ihrer Veranstaltung generieren. Damit wir Ihre Vorlagen nach Ihren Wünschen anlegen können, ist es notwendig, dass Sie eine Veranstaltung mit mindestens einer E-Mail sowie einer Webseite in Rohfassung (ohne Veranstaltungsinhalte) anlegen. Selbstverständlich können Sie auch verschiedene E-Mails und Webseiten anlegen, wenn Sie mehr als eine Vorlage jeweils wünschen.

2. By the admin user - conversion of existing emails or websites

With the "Magic Stick" button you can create your own customised templates from existing e-mails and web pages. To create customised e-mail templates, go to the menu "Communication >>> E-mails" within an event and click on the button on the right-hand side. Follow the further steps.

3. By the admin user - newly created

You also have the option of creating a customised template yourself.

To do this, click on the button "Create customised template" in the menu "Customised e-mail templates" or "Customised web templates".

Edit templates

Once the templates have been created by Sweap, you can edit and adapt them.

In order to be able to edit templates, the rights of the respective role must be extended by Sweap in advance. Please contact us at

ATTENTION! We recommend that these rights be activated exclusively for admins or in a separately created role.
Example: customised e-mail template

The e-mail templates created by Sweap can be found under the menu item "E-mail settings >>> Customised e-mail templates". The website templates can be found under "Website Settings >>> Customised Website Templates".

With the "Test template" function, you can display the template as a preview.

Use the edit pencil to access the edit screen.

"Information" tab

  • add or adjust a preview image
  • Import and export JSON templates and, if necessary, mark the template as obsolete.
  • marking a template as obsolete If a template is marked as obsolete, it can no longer be selected for creation in the e-mail and website generator.

"Attributes" tab

  • Original Meta Attribute: Which attribute / template area is this?
  • Default value: Links, text, HTML text or colour codes (hexadecimal).
  • Visibility:
    • Editable
    • Hidden = Users do not have access to this area in the generator and cannot make any changes here.

Each meta attribute can be called up and edited individually by pencil symbol or "double click".

Shown here using the example of the footer.

The footer content is displayed as HTML text.

TIP: If you do not have sufficient knowledge of HTML, you can extract the HTML text from your website using the "Examine" function. You can find out how to use the function in concrete terms in our article CSS & Java Scripts for website customisation

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