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Insert links for virtual events into e-mails

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For many of us, events still mean a visit to a classical trade fair, a concert with a seat or a lecture followed by a snack. However, for many events you do not have to be physically present. More and more often, events are also held virtually, for example as webinars or live streams. 

Sweap offers you the possibility to easily integrate such virtual events into your guest management system in order to efficiently and successfully attend these events - just like your on-site events!

To use a webinar, stream or virtual meeting, you need a public link. You can find out which tools you can use for this and how to best use them in our guide "The event format of the future".

TIP: If you want to display your online events via zoom, you can embed the zoom meetings directly into our Event Reception page*. An additional sending of the link is not necessary here.
*additional feature, for which extra costs may apply

How do I organize these events with Sweap?

It's easy! 

Each of the above tools uses automatically generated meeting URLs and/or meeting IDs. These URLs and IDs are the "keys" to participate in the events.

With Sweap, you can quickly and easily insert these "keys" into your confirmation/ticket emails, ensuring that all potential participants receive identical, relevant information. 

Please note that in this case it is advisable to deactivate QR Code and attached PDF tickets as well as Wallet, as these are only useful for live events.

module: virtual events

You can include a button referring to your webinar / stream etc. in your email confirmation. In the four standard templates you will now find the module "Virtual Event" in the top right corner. Here you can insert the link that you receive from the tools and adjust the label of the button as you wish.

As with live events, you can also activate the calendar entry (in the module: ticket settings) for your participants for the virtual event.

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