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Individual limitation of accompanying persons

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Within the guest information of each guest, a maximum number of accompanying persons can be specified individually. This is then automatically taken over in the registration page.


To set the individual limit for the companions of a guest, open the standard information of this guest. Within the accompanying person you can define a maximum number of companions.

The system detects this and automatically transfers the maximum number to the registration form on your feedback page.

When configuring your registration page, the default settings of the registration form include a checkbox where the guest clicks whether or not he or she is accompanied. If you enter a number greater than 1 as the maximum number of companions, it is recommended that you change this checkbox in the registration form to a radio button or a drop-down menu so that the guest can enter the actual number of companions in the registration form of your website. 

Customization in the registration form

Open the Web Page Generator under Configuration and go to section 1) Registration Form. 


As you can see, the form field for the escort consists of a checkbox selection. To change this, click on the pencil symbol, the following window will open:


Now enter the selection values for the drop-down menu. Enter only numbers in the value field, in the text field you are free to make your entries.



If a guest opens his registration page with a limitation of 3 accompanying persons, this is displayed as follows:


Note that the checkbox and drop-down selection will not be displayed if 0 companions are set as the maximum number of guests. 

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