Multi-factor authentication with Sweap

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With the introduction of Keycloak, we have added another security feature to Sweap.

Below you will learn how to enable multi-factor authentication in Sweap.

Our multi-factor authentication can be done with the most popular applications.

We list a few axamples here:

To enable multi-factor authentication, first log in to your account and click on the round icon in the upper left corner which leads to your user profile.

Dashboard - User Profil

In the popup, you can now activate and set your multi-factor authentication via the "MFA Administration" button.

User Profil - MFA Aktivierung

You will now be redirected to another page/tab where you can set up the multi-factor authentication.

Follow the further steps to set up your device with which you want to authenticate yourself in the future.

Once the setup is done, you can use the multi-factor authentication.

If you change the device/app for multi-factor authentication, you can reset the settings and add a new device in the same way. It is also possible to remove the setting and use Sweap again without multi-factor authentication.

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