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Postponing and cancellations of events

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It can happen that you have to postpone or cancel your event - this can have very different reasons.

In this article we show you what you should consider if you have to postpone or cancel an event.

1. Postpone event

1.1 Change the date of the event

If your event has a public registration page, start by changing the date of the event.

To do this, go to your event settings and set a new start date and a new end date.

Also remember to change the content of your registration page(s) / Virtual Event Platform if necessary.

1.2 Inform your guests

To communicate a new date for your event, send your guests an email with the new information.

For guests who have already accepted, an email of the type "Reminder for confirmed guests" is the best way to do this. For guests who have not yet confirmed their attendance at the event, you should use the "Reminder to Reply" email type. With the right choice of email type, you avoid changing the status of your guests by mistake.

More about the email types and the related statuses can be found here.

It can be helpful to have your guests confirm the new date of the event or ask them to cancel if the new date does not fit.

In the best case, you send out an email that gives your guests the opportunity to confirm or cancel the event - you can also work with our placeholders.

If you want to avoid that your guests have to fill in their data on the registration page again, you can activate the function "Direct acceptance" and "Direct declining" in your email.

Please also read our further information about sending emails.

2. Cancel event

If you have to cancel your event, inform your guests as well as all service providers and other involved parties.

To avoid further registrations for your event, close the registration. This is the only way to prevent further guests from registering for your event.

To close the registration, go to the edit mode of your registration page and go to the settings section.

Enter the current date and time or a date from the past - your registration page is now closed.

Your registration page can still be accessed - so if you have pending responses from guests you invited by email, inform these potential guests about the current status.

You can change the text that is displayed when the registration page is closed via the registration page settings, so that you can inform potential guests about this feature.

If you have already scheduled a new event, you can also link to the new registration page via the closed registration page information.

You are also welcome to read our further info about closing the registration page.

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