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Create sessions for your event series

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In this article, we explain how to populate your event series with its associated sessions to prepare your event for your participants.

First, you need to create an event series. You can find out how to create an event series here.

Create sessions

A session is a child event within an event series. It can be customized - including date, name, location and format and is part of the overall event series. Sessions allow you to explore different facets of a topic or purpose within the series, while the organizational unit and guest list remain the same.

When you create your event series, you immediately create your first session in the series.

You can find the sessions under the menu item "Event series". This item is available as a tile in the menu bar on the left and in the dashboard.

Dashboard - Event-Serien

Your first session is always created with the data that you used when you created your series, this is your root event.

There will be event series where you need the first session in this form - if you plan your sessions differently, you can now edit the first session and/or create new sessions.

The start and end of your event series are determined by the dates of your associated sessions. If you therefore give your first session a different start than your event was originally created, you will change your entire series. Even if you create a session that is outside (later) the originally set end point of the series, you will change your event series. This will move the end of the entire series back.

Campaigns rethought - automated communication in your event series

As your event series consists of individual sessions, you can also plan your email campaigns based on the sessions.

You can send a campaign at a fixed time if you want to send it once per series or once per session.

However, a campaign can also be sent at a relative time.

A relative time can be, for example, "1 day before the event". Here you can define whether

  • an email is sent once for the entire series,
  • several emails = one email is sent for each session or
  • an email is sent once for a dedicated session.
Sending multiple emails at the relative time
Sending an email at the relative sending time

Please note that your guest list remains the same for the entire duration and all sessions of your event series. Changes to the guest list will affect all sessions, which significantly reduces the administrative effort and simplifies planning. Participants cannot register for individual sessions of an event series.

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