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Creation of a new webpage domain

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Sweap offers you the option to store several website domains (URL for your registration pages) within your account. In this way, you can store URLs that match your events. Please note that additional domains in your account may incur additional costs. If you are interested, please contact your Customer Success Manager or our Support Team at

By default, your Sweap registration page will be served to the domain The first section of the URL or link is fixed and reads: The second section is the so-called semaphore.

The second section is the so-called suffix and can be freely determined by you. The suffix is used to specify the event. As an example, the event name can be used here - by the way, our system uses this value by default when creating your URL.

In order to direct your registration pages to your own domain (e.g., this domain must be set up once with us.

It is also possible to set up a sub-domain (e.g.

Advantage: You can use the sub-domain exclusively for events organised with Sweap. Your 'main domain' is not affected by this.

A sub-domain is a domain that lies below another in the hierarchy. In common usage, this usually refers to domains in the third or a further level. A domain that lies directly below the top-level domain is colloquially not called a subdomain, but a second-level domain or just a domain. You can find more information here.

1. Registration of a new domain including sub-domain

There are two scenarios:

  • Acquisition of the domain by Sweap
  • Acquisition of the domain by you or the domain is already in your possession (Recommendation from Sweap. To prevent possible blockages --> see notes).
1.1. Acquisition of the domain by Sweap

We can easily take over the purchase and registration of a new domain including sub-domain for you.

The following information must be taken into account and discussed when setting up a new website domain: 

  • What should the name of the new domain be?
  • Is the domain still available?
  • Alternatively: Should a sub-domain of your main domain be used?
  • How long should the domain remain in existence?
Before setting up a new website domain, please make sure to check its availability. You can do this here, for example.
In rare cases, a domain acquired through us may be classified as an alleged phishing site. In such cases, the domain must be deactivated for a short time. The domain can be released again as soon as we receive written confirmation that it is a genuine domain administered by Sweap. You will receive the corresponding letter from us in advance if you wish to purchase a domain through us.
1.2. Acquisition by you or the domain is already in your possession

In this case, the following information must be submitted to us:

  • Who administers the domain and who is the actual domain holder?

2. Setup and hosting

We will set up and host the domain(s).

In preparation for this, your domain must be linked to in the DNS with a CNAME (for a sub-domain e.g. or ALIAS/ANAME (for a root domain e.g.

Note: is the DNS path to be used (CNAME or ALIAS / ANAME). This is not a placeholder.
2.1. Adjusting of the CNAME
  1. Log in to the control panel of your domain name registrar.
    Use the username and password you chose when you registered your domain name.
  2. Search for the option to change DNS entries.
    You will usually find the options under "DNS Management", "Name Server Management" or "Advanced Settings" or on an English-language site under "DNS Management", "Name Server Management" or "Advanced Settings".
  3. Locate the CNAME record for your domain.
    The CNAME record ("CNAME" stands for "canonical name") is an alias used by the Domain Name System (DNS). With the help of the CNAME record you can, among other things, set up a subdomain as an alias of an external website. For more information, see CNAME Resource Record on Wikipedia.
  4. Do one of the following steps:
    • If you don't already have a CNAME record for your subdomain, look for an option to add a new record.
    • If you already have a CNAME record for your subdomain, look for an option to edit the record.

Please inform us as soon as the changeover has been made so that we can make a final adjustment.

It can take up to 48 hours until the website is available under the new domain and the DNS settings are recognised by all browsers.

After the DNS entries have been set, an SSL LetsEncrypt certificate is created and deposited. The certificate is renewed automatically and no further action is necessary.

After Sweap has set up a new website domain for your account, you can also use your own e-mail addresses for sending on this domain. A detailed explanation of how to create a new sender email address can be found here.

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