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Evaluate and export the KPI´s of your event

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Exporting your KPI's from Sweap - The export function

Using the "guest list" menu area in your Sweap account, you can quickly and easily export all available guest data as excel files.

General export
Selective export

For the export, there is the possibility to make a preselection of the data to be exported. You control the preselection via the filter function. In our example video we would like to export only those guests who have made a commitment to the event.

You can read more information about the action field here

Alternatively you can export the evaluation of your event through the Dashboard of the event.

The evaluation of your event using the key figures overview

The overview of key figures in the lower screen margin of your CMS start page of each event allows you to quickly get an overview of all feedback from your guests and can then be used for the evaluation of your event.

The following information is displayed for your event in the key figures overview:

  • Total number of all guests (including accompanying persons)
  • Number of invited guests (including accompanying persons)
  • Number of all persons without feedback (including accompanying persons)
  • Number of all confirmed guests (including accompanying persons)
  • Number of all guests who have cancelled (including accompanying persons)
  • The response rate (how many guests responded to the invitation to the event)
  • Number of all guests checked in for the event (including accompanying persons)
  • No-show-quota (how many of the returned guests have actually been at the event)

By holding your mouse over a point in the key figure overview, you can obtain further explanations of the individual sections. The individual evaluations always include all guests, including the respective accompanying persons. 

Since the evaluation of the key figure overview is a dynamic evaluation, you can also display individual confirmations from a guest, a group of guests or a category.

Notes on closed or fully booked events within the key figures overview

Within the configuration of your website you have two options to close the registration to your event: Either the registration will be closed automatically at a certain time or you set a limited number of registrations. For more information about this step in the Web Page Generator, please click here.

As soon as the registration for an event is then automatically closed or all defined, available places are occupied, you can see this in the key figures overview, as the confirmations are marked red with the note "closed". This red marking indicates that no further guest confirmations for this event are possible.

This message will also be displayed if the event itself has already taken place and therefore no more people can confirm or sign in.

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