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Create E-mail invitation for a series of events

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The following instructions will help you to continue inviting your guests personally with pre-filled forms to series of events by e-mail. For this purpose we have created a few short videos which describe the procedure.

NOTE: Some process steps have to be repeated for each additional event. Remember the duplication function, which allows you to quickly copy entire events.

1. Step: Current number and export of the guest list

  1. Create all events
    • Event for invitation ( (basic event containing all links)
    • Event 1-n (for sending e-mails)
  2. Add a running number to your guest list.
  3. Import the distribution lists from event 1-n and generate the invitation codes for all guests.
  4. Export the distribution lists from events 1-n.

2. Step: Adding invitation codes to the original guest list

  1. Sort the exported distribution lists of events 1-n according to the running time. number in the same order as in the original distribution list.
  2. Insert new columns in the original distribution list, with "Invitation code event 1"; invitation code event 2" etc.
  3. Copy the invitation codes from the exported Event 1 mailing lists into the column "Invitation code Event 1" in the original mailing list.
  4. Repeat the process for all exported distributors.
  5. Save the original distribution list.

3. Step: Import of the original guest list

  1. Import the original distribution list into your invitation event and ensure that the appropriate fields are imported.

  1. described in this case, to the invitation e-mail.
  2. If necessary, deactivate the calendar sheet.

In our example we use the hyperlink function.*

  1. Add to your text of Event 1 the link to the website of Event 1, as well as the following placeholder shown in the video as link suffix. Replace the ID with the correct attribute ID. 
You can find out the ID of the required attribute as follows: Open event. Menu guests --> select attributes. Click on the desired attribute and the ID will appear in the info window in the first position.
  1. Save the whole thing and start a test by starting the e-mail sending assistant.
  2. Please test the created links in advance!
*It is also possible to use the Call-to-Action button of e-mails or button links on web pages. In the buttons it is enough to copy the placeholder that you can create in the HTML editor and paste it to the link. Example: events.organisation.ene/[[Invitation code Event 1]]

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